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Meet the Team at Origin Family Chiropractic

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Carrington CroweA true people person, Carrington loves creating relationships with the people in our community and seeing their lives changed through chiropractic. “It gives me joy!”

Carrington is married to Dr. Zach. They met in middle school and began dating in high school. Carrington went to school to become an RN and worked for several years as an ICU nurse. Though there were lives saved in the ICU, Carrington also saw interventions that perhaps weren’t necessary. It drove her away from being a traditional-minded nurse.

Though you might think of the chiropractic and medical fields as opposite, our team brings them both together.

A Passion for Prenatal Health

Carrington is a certified birth doula. She loves being an advocate for moms and babies in our community. From Carrington, you can learn all about the natural progression of birth, how to support yourself and how to get the birth you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have questions about your baby, Carrington is always happy to help. She particularly enjoys providing holistic ideas about how to address ear infections, teething, colds and more.

I want people to feel loved and seen.

When Dr. Zach attended chiropractic college, Carrington got to learn alongside him. She’d never been adjusted before until Dr. Zach began adjusting people toward the end of his education. “Now, I see how powerful chiropractic is, every day.”

Outside of the Practice

Carrington and Dr. Zach love to take their two young girls, Aurora and Zahra, traveling. They also enjoy being out in nature, hiking or exploring our national parks.

Team Member

Kayla StullBubbly and caring, Kayla loves interacting with our practice members and being involved with their life and family. “I love to love people; people are my passion!” She enjoys hearing practice members’ stories and the outcomes they’ve experienced from chiropractic care.

She’s been working at Origin Family Chiropractic as a CA since October 2019.

Learning How to Trust the Body

Since starting at the practice, Kayla has learned how to trust her body and listen to it. “Working here has taught me that you don’t have to rely on medicine to fix a problem or symptom that you’re having.”

Team Member

Grace Rawlins“It’s easy for me to get up and go to work because the people I work with and the ones I see every day are tremendous!”

Serving Practice Members With a Smile

Grace joined the Origin Family Chiropractic team in June 2020. As one of our friendly chiropractic assistants, she enjoys working at the front desk and greeting people when they come in.

Discovering the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Since she began working at our office, Grace has seen the incredible difference that chiropractic can make in practice members’ lives. “Chiropractic can help people get better with different conditions like ear infections and sinus infections, without having to rely on medications.”

Outside the Practice

A self-described outdoorsy person, Grace likes camping and just being outside. She loves spending time with her son JT and her fiancé Joseph. A Nashville native, Grace loves the people in “Music City.”

Team Member

Abby PriceBefore joining the Origin Family Chiropractic team, Abby worked all over the country, including Hawaii, St. Louis, Chicago, Charleston, South Carolina and Fredericksburg, Texas. Although she loved her experiences elsewhere she’s happy to call the Nashville area home. Years ago, she lived in Kingston Springs!

Passionate about Forging Meaningful Connections

In her role at the office, Abby organizes various community volunteer projects that aren’t related to chiropractic. She also spends much of her time meeting with practice members and having conversations with them. Caring and compassionate, Abby is also peaceful, joyful and has a passion for cultivating relationships.

“I love to connect with people and hear their stories.” She also loves to share hers. “There’s so much power to a story and I think everyone has one to tell.”

Abby also will send happy birthday wishes to practice members or write notes to a patient who has experienced a recent loss.

Experiencing the Effects of Chiropractic

In October 2020, Abby had a freak thing happen to her arm and ended up in back pain. At the encouragement of her parents who thought she should get checked out before going to s surgeon, she came to our practice to get an X-ray and an adjustment.

Abby is thankful she did as she was able to recover with our holistic care. She hasn’t had to take any medication for her back or arm since she’s had chiropractic care. She’s also become a big advocate for chiropractic and encourages friends and family to go. Abigail is now sleeping better and has more energy thanks to her care.

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at the practice, Abby loves to read, write, bake and go on hikes. She also loves music. Abby lived in Nashville until she was 5 and then she moved with her family to Texas. She’s one of nine children. Her parents live in the area as well. Abby is glad to be back in Nashville and loves seeing the growth and diversity and enjoys the great food and culture.

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